Pregnancy Acupuncture

Our specialised Pregnancy Acupuncture is in Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, within easy reach of Stoke on Trent, Cheshire and Shropshire.

Pregnancy is an exciting time of waiting for the new arrival. It can however be  a precious and stressful 40 weeks especially if previous experiences have been difficult. At Mandarin Clinic, your practitioners understand the need for quiet and relaxing time whilst offering individual treatment to strengthen mum and baby.
Both practitioners have post graduate training in the UK and China with leading specialists in this field such as: Debra Betts, Zita West, Jani White and Sarah Matheson.

At Mandarin Clinic we have fantastic results in:

– Supporting pregnancy after women have suffered miscarriages.

– Alleviating symptoms which are often classed as normal during pregnancy: back pain, nausea, carpal tunnel, heart burn, pelvic pain, oedema, constipation, anaemia, anxiety, depression, sciatica, etc.

– Re-positioning a breech or posterior presenting baby using a technique called ‘moxibustion’.

– Birth preparation from week 36-37 onwards. Weekly treatments help to prepare the body for labour, improve the women’s state of wellbeing and increase the chance of an efficient labour.

– Inducing labour if your baby is overdue.

‘My experience was lovely…the pregnancy acupuncture was extremely relaxing and my labour and birth of my little girl was short, calm and drug free’. Sam – Stoke on Trent

‘Thank you for looking after my mummy whilst she was pregnant! I know you kept us both calm during the 9 months of anticipation’.  Isobel, Trentham

‘We wanted to say Thank You and to give other couples hope of having a baby after miscarriage. I am so grateful for the acupuncture which I am convinced helped the pregnancy establish itself in the most important early stages’. Cat – Shropshire



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